Types of Steroids


The use of steroids has become undeniably popular. Some people rely on it for medical purposes
with the supervision of medical experts as they go through treatment and management of specific
health conditions like arthritis. Some go using steroids for sale for aesthetic reasons like muscle
enhancement and body building. As to its functions, it ranges from therapeutic purposes to
performance improvements in various fields. Thus, it is popular in the market.

Steroids are organic compounds. Cycloalkaline rings compose it. Its composition has 20 carbon
atoms. Six carbon elements compose the other rings known as cyclohexane. Generally, steroids for
sale are anti-inflammatory hormones. History claims to have traced its origin linked to ancient

Steroids for sale come in different forms. It may come from fungi, plants, and animals. Its effect to
the body may vary, thus, supervision and expertise in administering steroids for sale is a must. It
may deviate from muscle improvement to muscle tissue destruction. Experts strongly advise for
close monitoring to maximize its effect to the body depending on the desired outcome and intended

Ingestion of Steroids

There various ways of taking steroids into the body. One way is through oral intake and
administered through the mouth. The use of injections is another way. The third way is by simply
applying it directly into the skin by means of a patch which is placed directly into the skin surface
(transdermal steroids). Whichever way, the preference of the person will not stop the effects of

Steroids through Oral Intake

Anadrol which has oxymetholane is popular among athletes has oxymetholane. It greatly improves
performance and has exceptionally low side-effects. Also, it’s fast-acting so it makes the desired
outcome more achievable in a short period of time.

For those who look further into fat-burning effects, steroids with oxandrolone come in handy. The
only oral form of testosterone is testosterone undecanoate. It has a balance of anabolic and
androgenic characteristics.

Injectable Steroids

Doctors and experts all-over the world are using injectable steroids for various purposes and uses.
The most common is Anadur is famous for its healing and rejuvenation effects. Similar to this is

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