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In this article you will learn everything you need to know about Dianabol. What it is. How much to take. What gains are possible. Side effects. The list goes on…

…so if you’re contemplating taking Dbol then you’ve come to the right place to learn all about this powerful oral bulking anabolic.

  1. Dianbol: What is it?
  2. When was Dianabol first used in bodybuilding?
  3. Dianbol: How does it work?
  4. What is the best way to use Dianabol?
  5. What are the side effects of Dianabol?
  6. Advantages & disadvantages of Dianabol
  7. Dianabol: F.A.Q
  8. Dianabol: A conclusion

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Dianabol: What is it?

Dianabol is the most popular anabolic steroid to have ever existed – but what actually is it?

‘Dbol’ – or to give it its proper scientific name: Methandrostenolone – is an oral anabolic steroid that was created in the 1950’s. Essentially, like several other steroids, it is an altered version of testosterone. It was developed by a man called Dr. John Ziegler for one purpose: to help American athletes topple their foes from the USSR.

Dr. Ziegler’s idea was to take a testosterone molecule and make it even better. He wanted to create a super hormone that could improve athletic performance with fewer side effects than its parent hormone. To do this he made several modifications to its structure. Firstly, a methyl group was added at the 17th position. This resulted in the hormone becoming ‘methylated’, which vastly increased the oral bioavailability. Secondly, a double bond was added to the first and second carbon position to reduce its androgenic potential.

These changes gave Dianabol an anabolic rating of 90-210 and an androgenic rating of 40-60, giving an (average) anabolic to androgenic ratio of 150:50, which means (in theory) it should be one and a half times as anabolic as testosterone, yet only half an androgenic.

When was Dianabol first used in Bodybuilding?

After Dianabol had been used by American athletes its popularity grew, which led to it being introduced to the market as a prescription medicine. It was at this point when bodybuilders first realised how potent it was. Within a matter of months its usage had exploded. Gym goers all over the country were taking it and finding out for themselves how powerful it was. A young Austrian immigrant named Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of these people. And it was here where the so-called ‘Golden Age’ of bodybuilding began.

Aptly named ‘The Breakfast of Champions’ by Arnie, for the next several decades Dianabol became a mainstay for bodybuilders – not only because of its potency, but also due to how easy it was to obtain. It remained this way until the early 80s’ when CIBA pharmaceutical removed it from the market; however by this point underground labs were producing it.

Dianabol: How does it work?

Dianabol works in three main ways. Firstly, it increases protein synthesis; secondly, it enhances nitrogen retention, and thirdly, it is increases glycogenolysis.

Protein synthesis: This is the rate by which cells build proteins. The greater the rate of protein synthesis the quicker and more efficiently a muscle will repair and grow.

Nitrogen retention: Nitrogen makes up 15% of muscle tissue. Higher nitrogen retention = more anabolic. More anabolic = bigger, faster growing muscles.

Glycogenolysis: In short, this describes the interaction between glucose and glycogen. Increased levels of glycogenolysis results in better carbohydrate partitioning. This means those taking Dianabol will not store fat as easily (provided their diet is sensible).

Although these may seem like three very simple and straightforward mechanisms, the combination of all three makes Dianabol and extremely power anabolic steroids.

What is the best way to use Dianabol?

There are two ways to use Dbol: as part of a cycle with others steroids or by itself as a ‘standalone’.

When used in conjunction with injectable steroids, Dbol is typically taken for the first four weeks as it takes several weeks for the levels of injectable steroids to stabilise in the bloodstream. Doses are typically between 20mg and 50mg, however some advanced users will go above the 100mg mark.

When used with other oral steroids the dosage of Dianabol must be reduced to around half of ‘normal’ dosing. Using Dbol with other methylated steroids is safer than you’d think, but you still must remain cautious (and take adequate liver protection such as TUDCA).

Contrary to popular belief, Dianabol only cycles are viable. Forget all the ‘mumbo jumbo’ about gains being purely water and no muscle. Dianabol only is legit.  We advise a cycle length of four to six weeks, with dosages between 25mg and 60mg per day.

The half-life of Dbol is short (3-5 hours) meaning that you must take it several times throughout the day. To avoid stomach issues take it with meals.

Injectable versions are available for those that struggle to take orals, however the downside to this is very frequent injections.

What are the side effects of Dianabol?

All performance enhancing drugs come with side effects – and Dianabol is no different. Although it has many plus points, it also has negatives characteristics too. Before consuming any steroid you must be aware of the potential side effects.

Cholesterol: Androgens – particularly oral and highly androgenic ones – are renowned for causing negative shifts in cholesterol levels.  Good cholesterol (HDL) tends to go down and bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides tend to go up.

Blood pressure: Androgens also have the potential to cause an increase in blood pressure. This means the heart is put under more stress and has to work harder. The combination of negatively affected cholesterol and increased blood pressure will put the user at a greater risk of cardiac problems.

Liver issues: Oral steroids like Dianabol have a great benefit in that they are easily taken orally. However, this is also one of their biggest downfalls. The methylation process mentioned above puts the liver under extreme stress, which if occurs for too long a period of time may cause liver problems such as Cirrhosis or possibly even liver cancer.

Gynecomastia: Sadly, Dianabol is one of the worst offenders for causing man boobs. It converts (via the aromatase enzyme) to methyl-estradiol, which is more potent than regular estrogen. How prone you are to growing breast tissue will depend on your genetics, but expect to see signs of this side effects within a week (if you are).

Hair loss: This side effect is one of the most-worried-about when taking steroids. Men do not want to lose their hair! Dianabol is moderately androgenic therefore it could exacerbate MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) in those prone. Look out for shedding and an itchy scalp.

Hair growth: The androgenic nature of Dbol means that extra hair growth on the face and the body is a possibility. Those that want more facial and bodily hair will see this a good thing, however those that like to remain smooth will certainly not.

Fluid retention: Dianabol is famously known for causing water retention. A scientific study carried out in 1981 exemplified that it induced fluid retention beyond levels that would typically be associated within steroid usage. The cause of this is thought to be related to estrogen conversion (methyl-estradiol). Those who want don’t want to lose definition when bulking should look to ‘leaner’ orals such as Turinabol.

Aggression: Although there is a lot of hyperbole regarding ‘roid rage’, it does actually exist in some people. Those that are prone to outbursts of anger may well find that this is amplified by Dbol usage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dianabol

Dbol has numerous pros and cons, and in this section we will discuss both sides of this powerful oral anabolic.

Advantages: Increases in lean muscle mass; strength & power enhancement; increased focus & aggression; improved repair & recovery; intensified workouts; improved carbohydrate partitioning.

Disadvantages: Decreases good cholesterol (HDL); increased bad cholesterol (LDL); increases triglycerides; increases blood pressure; potential liver problems; acne; hair loss (head); hair growth (body); water retention; gynecomastia.

As you can see, there is a large list of both good and bad points. Before commencing with any cycle we fully advise you to carry out full research into the compound. You must be aware of the potential risks.

Dianabol: F.A.Q

In this section we will address some of the most commonly asked questions about Dianabol. If you feel we have missed out any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact page.

What steroids can I stack Dianabol with?

There are numerous steroids that can be stacked with this compound. Testosterone and Deca Durabolin are the most commonly steroids used in conjunction with it, however in reality any injectable steroids could be used. It depends on the goals of the user. It wouldn’t be particularly as part of a cutting stack for example. In terms of orals, it can be stacked with any provided that the dosage of both is lowered – Anavar, Anadrol, Winstrol for example.

What gains can I achieve?

Gains depend on your training and diet (mainly the latter), in addition to the goals of your cycle. If your goal is to all out bulk/gain mass and your diet and training are dialled in then gains of 25lbs over a six week cycle in not uncommon. Not all of the weight will be muscle, but a vast proportion will be.

In terms of strength, it is not uncommon to see users adding 10-20% on their major lifts throughout the course of the cycle.

Can women use Dianabol?

Women are free to use any steroids they so desire, however as Dianabol is somewhat androgenic it would not be wise for females to use. Any women using it would risk permanent virilization.

Is Dianabol often faked?

The levels of fake steroids on the market has decreased over the last several years, but there of course not genuine products available. Dianabol is one of the least faked steroids due to the fact that it is so cheap to manufacture. Dbol is extremely cheap, so if you see an inflated price listed it would be wise to search for a better supplier.

Is Post cycle therapy required?

Yes, it most certainly is. Dianabol will shutdown your HPTA (Hypothalamus Pituitary Testicular Axis) and therefore your testosterone. A full PCT utilising HCG/HMG and  SERM (Nolvadex/Clomid) will be required to restart your system.

Have there been any scientific studies conducted on Dianabol?

There have several studies conducted on this compound. The majority of them were undertaken many decades ago, but they are still relevant nonetheless. They can found here:

Is it readily available online?

Yes, it can be found all over the internet if you look in the right places. To learn more about this we highly recommend our guide on how to buy steroids on the internet here.

My Personal Experience of Using Dianabol

I have used pretty much every steroid under the sun since I started taking PEDs 17 years ago. During this time I have ran Dianabol on several occasions. My very first cycle was Dbol by itself. I was 19, determined to get bigger very quickly and I just did it. I took 35mg per day for five weeks. My gains? 24lbs. People were shocked at how I’d managed to get so big so quickly. How much was muscle? I’d estimate around 14lbs as this is how much I kept after completing a full PCT. The next time I used it was several years later in conjunction with testosterone enanthate. 500mg of test (12 weeks) + 40mg of Dbol (first four weeks). Once again I noticed huge strength and mass gains. 

Dianabol: A conclusion

This is an extremely potent oral anabolic that can assist bodybuilders, weight lifters and gym goers to build lean muscle mass and increase their strength and power. It is not with side effects however, and all users must be aware of the serious consequences of using such drugs for this purpose.