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Having both studied and taken anabolic steroids for the last twenty years I decided to put my accumulated knowledge and experience to good use and write this article about Anavar. I have used almost every steroid and performance enhancing drug out there. I have extensively examined the science behind steroids and PEDs. The combination of these two factors will allow me to provide you with a far, far greater insight than you’ll receive elsewhere. So, if you’re keen to learn everything you need to know about Anavar then you’re in the right place. We shall begin…


What is Anavar?

Anavar – or to give it its correct scientific name: Oxandrolone – is a steroid that was first developed all the way back in the early 1960s. It was created by a scientific company called G.D Searle for the purposes of treating wasting diseases, osteoporosis and inducing weight gain in those who were in need of it – and it was very effective at all three. Why? Because of its characteristics.

Anavar is a modified form of dihydrotestosterone. The two alterations are as follows: firstly, it has a methyl group added at the 17th position, and secondly, it has an oxygen atom instead of a carbon atom within the A-ring. What does this mean in ‘real terms’? That it is far more anabolic than its parent hormone and is able to survive oral ingestion. According to the literature it has anabolic rating of 320-630 and an androgenic rating of 24. This is misleading, however. Anavar isn’t 3-6 times more anabolic testosterone! (see more below).

Bodybuilders soon took notice of Oxandrolone’s ability to boost strength and increase lean muscle mass. It became extremely popular and was used (legally) by gym goers the world over for many decades. By the late 1980s it was removed from the market (partially down to its recreational use), but after a brief hiatus it returned after numerous underground labs brought it back – and this has remained the case until the present day.

Is Anavar a powerful muscle builder?

As mentioned above, Anavar has a very high anabolic rating. Does this mean it’ll lay down tonnes of new muscle mass? No. When compared to most other steroids it’s a weak anabolic and an even weaker androgen. 

What does this means in layman’s terms? It’s not very good for all-out bulking, but can be used very effectively for recomposition and cutting cycles. Gains will be slow, but quality.

How safe is Anavar?

Anavar has the reputation of being a ‘mild’ steroid. While this may be true with regards to its anabolism and androgenicity, it isn’t the case re: side effects. People see the androgenic rating of 24 and assume it is will ‘safe’. In reality, however, it has the potential to be quite the opposite. 

There are two elements that make Anavar a potentially dangerous steroid. Firstly, it is derived from DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), and secondly, it is methylated. Both of these increase the chances of it causing deleterious effects upon HDL, LDL and triglycerides. I have seen blood work taken from a (low dose) Anavar user that showed shocking results. LDL went sky-high; HDL was rock bottom and triglycerides were also through the roof. It is these internal side effects that have the potential to cause the most harmful effects. 

Is there any way to make it safer? Drink lots of water, eat a diet high in vegetables and healthy fats, and low in processed junk food. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. The healthier the body is the more equipped it will be to deal with the side effects of steroids. 

What are the benefits of using Anavar?

Anavar has many positive effects on the body. To maximise these it is vital that you have your diet and workout regime perfected. 

Here’s what Anavar can do:

Build lean muscle mass: Anavar will help you to accrue lean muscle mass. Although not massively anabolic, it has been shown in scientific studies to increase muscle hypertrophy. 

Increase strength (without weight gain): Anavar is perfect for those seeking to boost strength and power without adding mass. Because it doesn’t induce fluid retention, nor is it a potent anabolic, it is possible to get stronger whilst staying at the same weight. 

Improve recovery: Like all steroids, anavar has a positive effect on protein synthesis. Not only will it help you recover quicker between sets, it will also assist you in recovering between workouts. It will also enhance performance by increasing oxygen levels and decreasing fatigue.

Burn fat: Anavar is one of the few steroids that has been scientifically proven to burn body fat without the need for exercise. Doing exercise will of course speed up the process, but without it you’ll still see some improvements. 

What is the best way to use Anavar for optimal results?

Ultimately, this will depend on your goals. Bulking, cutting, strength and recomposition are the four most common cycles. Cycle length, dosage and which other steroids you stack Anavar with will depend on several factors (weight and steroid experience largely), but here are our suggestions:

Goal Dosage Steroids to stack with? Cycle duration
Bulking 60-120mg Testosterone, Deca 8 weeks
Cutting 40-80mg Trenbolone, Masteron, Testosterone 6-8 weeks
Strength 80-120mg Test, Halotestin, Anadrol, Trenbolone 3-6 weeks
Recomposition 40-80mg Testosterone, Winstrol, Masteron 6-8 weeks

There is not right or wrong answer when it comes to cycles and stacks as everyone is different, but we feel it is necessary to put forward what feel are safe parameters. 

Diet and training will play a huge part in optimising results, so ensure that that is all in place before commencing any cycle.

Can women use Anavar?

I get asked this question A LOT! In my opinion women shouldn’t use steroids because of the potential virilization and other side effects that may occur. Although it is considered one of the better choices for females, it can still induce masculine effects due to the fact it is derived from DHT. If you are a woman and are considering it then take no more than 10mg per day for a maximum of four weeks. I would recommend Turinabol as a better alternative as it is far less androgenic and just as effective at muscle building. 

Are Anavar only cycles viable?

You could take Anavar by itself and build some lean muscle mass/fat loss/strength increases, however it is not androgenic enough to produce the gains you’ll be seeking. Without sufficient androgenicity you will not be as strong as you’d like, will not burn as much fat as you like and certainly won’t build as much muscle as you like. I highly recommend taking it with testosterone. Even at TRT doses of testosterone (125-150mg per week) you will see a huge difference. 

What are the potential side effects of Anavar?

I touched upon some side effects earlier on in the article, but here are some more you must be aware of:

Liver issues: Although Anavar is viewed as ‘mild’, it is still a methylated oral steroid, which means it will impact upon the liver negatively. It won’t do this to the degree of Anadrol or Halotestin, but taking taking protectants such as TUDCA is advisable. 

Hair loss & growth: Hair loss (Male Pattern Baldness) is possible, however it will depend on the individual as it comes down to genetics. It isn’t particularly androgenic so in reality it is unlikely. For these reasons it is also not likely to cause much facial or body hair growth.

Acne: Again, due to its low androgenic rating it is rare that it would cause acne or spots. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Anavar

Here are a list of some of the questions I get asked most frequently about Anavar:

Is PCT required?

100% Yes. All steroids – Anavar included – will shut down your natural testosterone production via the negative feedback loop. In order to restart your HPTA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testicular Axis) you will ned to complete a full post cycle therapy. This is typically done using HCG/HMG during the last few weeks of the cycle, then taking Clomid (12.5-25mg per day) and/or Nolvadex (5-10mg per day) for three to four weeks afterwards.

Can I stack Anavar with other orals?

Yes. Many would advise against it, but I am happy to give this the green light providing the following rules are adhered to. Firstly, lower the doses of both steroids by half. Secondly, take them for no longer than 4-6 weeks. Lastly, take plenty of liver protectants such TUDCA. Anavar is best taken with Winstrol/Turinabol/Dianabol. Anadrol or Halotestin may increase liver values too much. 

Why is Anavar so expensive?

Simply because it takes a lot of time and costs to produce the raw powder. Some steroids are easy and inexpensive to make, other the opposite, and sadly it falls into the latter category. 

Is Anavar readily faked?

Due to the above reasons sadly it is faked quite frequently. Steroid suppliers/manufacturers will either put less active compound into the tablets or replace them with something else altogether (Winstrol for example), just to save themselves money. For these reasons it is always best to use a tried and tested source. Buying it online can be tricky, but if you know where to look and have access to solid sources/websites then you should have no issues in purchasing legit gear.

Read our Guide to Buying Steroids Online here.

Are there any scientific studies available?

Yes, there are several. They can be found here:

My personal experience of Anavar

I have used Anavar numerous times throughout my twenty-year long steroid ‘career’. I have used it both by itself and in conjunction with other steroids for a myriad of purposes. Here are my thoughts.

Using it as a standalone is pointless. I gained next to no muscle, had zero strength gains and felt horrendous for the five weeks I was on it. As soon as I added testosterone in I felt a million times better. Lesson learnt – use testosterone with it!

I wouldn’t recommend it for bulking as there far better steroids out there for that purpose, namely Dianabol, Anadrol, Superdrol and M-1-T. If you’re after a ‘milder’ bulking oral then I recommend Turinabol. 

As a strength compound it is surprisingly powerful. Although not in the same league as the likes of Anadrol and Halotestin, it does have strength boosting effects. Its strength gains:side effects ratio is the best of all the steroids in my opinion. 

Where it stands out is cutting and recomping. If you’re look to preserve lean muscle mass (or even build a little) and lose body fat then Anavar should be right at the top of your list or thereabouts. It will help you stay anabolic and stop you from going catabolic. Your strength will increase (or at worst stay exactly the same, which is a result on a low calorie diet!). 

All in all, a very good choice for those looking to stay trim, get ripped or add quality muscle to their physique.